thecliffordshow said: Do you have any idea how much meet and greet tickets are for the tour?

i think the meet and greet tickets are like 300? theres a public one with a gate after so i don’t see the need to pay 300 for 2 minutes with them but to each his own. 

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Anonymous said: I got tickets for the tour, and it said for the package I purchased (silver) I would get a "merchandise item designed exclusively for package purchasers". Do you know what this item has been in the past? Like is it a t-shirt, etc.

no i dont, maybe someone else has gotten it before and can let you know! i would assume its a shirt or book thats different the one the one sold to the public.

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Anonymous said: wait I'm confused about who's going to be the allstars next week? cat only said three names?

maybe one of them is dancing twice, or she forgot a name. but i think one is dancing twice.

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Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)- Zack & Fikshun (Phillip Chbeeb)

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Over You- Casey & Mackenzie (Stacey Tookey)

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Dare (La La La)- Ricky & Anya (Jean Marc Genereux)

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Jacque Solo

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Boneless- Jessica & Ade (Ray Leeper)

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Zack Solo

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99 Red Balloons- Jacque & Will (Sean Cheesman)

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