Anonymous said: gotta update that winners gif!

lol last time i didnt update it until s11 starts. i will get around to that one day. the gif is getting so big file wise its hard to upload it places.

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Anonymous said: Why didn't you post the last episode of the season?

i was busy watching it and then completely forgot about posing it. it was basically repeat dances anyway. i might get around to posting the group routines.

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Anonymous said: Why do you think Lauren Froderman was an underdog in her season? I love her but i don't consider her an underdog because her audition was shown and she did have a fanbase but maybe some people say she was an underdog because it seemed like a lot of people were expecting Alex or Kent to win.

most people thought kent would win. she was the only girl for a while- since the first 3 to leave were girls and then ashley withdrew because of an injury. and she really wasn’t getting good reviews from the judges in the beginning. i remember her dance with ade on the couch didnt go over well with the judges (or maybe just nigel). but being the last girl standing, definitely an underdog moment.

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Anonymous said: Honestly I'm not convinced that Ricky had the best technique this season. He does this weird sickling thing with his feet sometimes that really bothers me. Flexibility doesn't make you technical. Not saying he didn't deserve the title though. He did really embody the style/feel of each genre.

i think he was the most technical of the top. he had a great foundation. i don’t think i ever noticed the feet thing. i did however get bothered when they made him do an extension in basically every single dance. i wish a choreographer would have been like, okay everyone knows you are flexible lets show them more!

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nigga-yeet said: Honestly, I'm very upset that Ricky won. He is so typical; people like him win almost every year. It gets old after a while. I just wish that someone who is such an underdog (like Zack) or someone with an amazing personality (like Rudy) or someone who had amazing eyebrows (like Teddy) would win.

i think he deserved the title because he was the best technically and never had a bad routine. i just wish they made him work for it bad, they kind of just handed it to him the first week.

i thought zack would at least make top 2….

and lauren froderman and jeanine mason were two people who won as underdogs that i can think of off the top of my head. also jakob karr is comparable to ricky and his season he came in second and russell won. and billy bell, who also has legs for days, didn’t make it all that far into his season. so it doesn’t always pan out for those stand out people win. 

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taytuck22 said: Is there gonna be a season 12???

i know it was posted somewhere on here that it was coming back next summer confirmed on the sytycd facebook. but i don’t see that anywhere on the facebook’s timeline, and until its said by the network or nigel i wouldn’t believe anything i hear otherwise.

it’s all in fox’s hands to bring it back or not. it’s a costly show for them that doesn’t bring them in too much money. if they keep it, its because of the fan base and there isn’t really another dance show competing against it. if they cancel it, it was solely a business decision. 

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Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on Valerie being second place?? Like, I love her and everything she's actually one of my favorites but I honestly did not expect her to make it that far....

i think this was the strongest top 20 in MANY seasons. there wasn’t one person i thought didnt deserve their spot. that being said, the order in which contestants left was allllll kinds of crazy this season. there was many contestants i thought deserved to stay longer over people who were not even in the bottom that week. 

to be honest, i’m not sure how valerie never ended up in the bottom when she had some weaker numbers compared to other contestants dances. and judging by twitters reaction when she made top 2, i’m not sure where all her votes were coming from?

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Anonymous said: Have you been to the tour before? Can you meet them after?

yes you can meet them after. find a person who works at the venue before or after the show and ask where the public meet & greet is. sometimes they don’t know but if you keep asking around you will eventually find someone with an answer. 

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Anonymous said: Ricky's the new Travis Wall, and that's saying something because I never make that comparison and Ricky is just that good, and i'm so happy he won! He deserved it!! :)

just curious, how do you think he is similar to travis wall? hahha i don’t see any correlation between the two, besides moving people with their work.

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Anonymous said: What routines would you like to see in the finale? I really want to see Jessica and Casey's contemporary, Bridget and Emilio's contemporary, Carly and Serge's hip hop, Ricky and Anya's cha cha, Jacque and Will's contemporary, etc.

bridget and emilio’s contemporary, emilio and comfort’s hip hop, ricky and zack’s hip hop, the chess hip hop group piece- but thats not likely, the wave top 7 guys group dance, zack and aaron’s tap, casey and jessica’s contemporary, jacque and will’s contemporary 

those are the ones that come to mind first.  theres a lot of group routines i want to see.

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