Anonymous said: hi do you know of any other link to watch casey and jessica's dance as the link you provided is unavailable in my country. thanks :)

you can try the FOXBroadcasting youtube page, not sure if they have restrictions as well. 

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firmfoundations said: First of all, thanks so much for posting these! I don't have cable right now and this is my SYTYCD lifeline! My only question is this- I normally watch on my phone, and usually 3-4 of each week's videos say that they are not authorized for mobile playback. I'm not sure if you're aware of this and there's nothing you can do or if you didn't know, but just thought I would drop in and tell you! Again, thank you so much for posting these so quickly. :)

oh no!! yeah these aren’t my videos so i can’t do anything to change that. but have you tried the videos from the FOXBroadcasting youtube account. they normally get posted sometime the next day after the show, not sure if they have them available for mobile though.

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Anonymous said: Who do you think is going home next week?

if we are going by routine i enjoyed the least- jacque & zack

but i have no clue who will even be in the bottom because it seems to be impossible to understand who america votes for each week…

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Anonymous said: When do the tour tickets go on sale?

they haven’t announced anything in regards to this years tour.

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