Anonymous said: What routines would you like to see in the finale? I really want to see Jessica and Casey's contemporary, Bridget and Emilio's contemporary, Carly and Serge's hip hop, Ricky and Anya's cha cha, Jacque and Will's contemporary, etc.

bridget and emilio’s contemporary, emilio and comfort’s hip hop, ricky and zack’s hip hop, the chess hip hop group piece- but thats not likely, the wave top 7 guys group dance, zack and aaron’s tap, casey and jessica’s contemporary, jacque and will’s contemporary 

those are the ones that come to mind first.  theres a lot of group routines i want to see.

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Anonymous said: I'm not a fan of Casey but he definitely had better chemistry with Jessica than Brooklyn. Mainly because I'm obsessed with Casey & Jessica's contemporary and anyone looks good dancing with her(:

yeah i think their chemistry was better too

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Anonymous said: Which contestant who has not come back as an all star would you like to see as an all star in the future? I would love to see Jeanine, Kayla, Billy, and Paul come back as all stars!


also mollee gray has grown a whole lot since her time on the show so it would be cool to see her back. 

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dennisburnsme said: Can you identify the dancers and from which episodes for the various scenes in the opening credits of the current season? (2014, seaon 11)

Being that most of the clips are from the last few seasons- and the last few seasons are one big blur to me. i’ll just tell you what i remember (my memory goes after s7/8 so apologizes.)

the sand dance (season 8, 9 or 10?… see no memory)

alice in wonderland dance (by mia s7)

cyrus & twitch s9

jenna and mark s10 jazz

shoeless joe from hannabal mo- kent & neil (tyce s7)

eliana solo

jose & dominic s7

total eclipse melanie & neil s8

bang bang- eliana & alex s9

no idea what dances until amy & travis wicked games

more confusion until turn to stone- melanie and marko s8

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Anonymous said: After Emilio left they started putting out choreographers like Phillip Chbeeb and Wildabeast and we all know Emilio would have killed both dances. I felt it was hardly fair as other dancers were trained in contemp and they kept using contemp at first

this season was a little weird in my opinion but i was hoping once they had emilio they would consider using phillip. it might have been a scheduling conflict that phillip couldnt make it to choroegraph until a specific episode or was scheduled to just do that one episode early on. i don’t think they were waiting for emilio to leave or anything. his last hip hop piece was one of the best of the show. 

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Anonymous said: You know, Emilio was without a doubt my favorite and still is but I cannot deny that Ricky deserves to win. He is far and above the other dancers and he has never had a bad performance yet.

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Zack Solo

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When I Go- Jessica & Robert (Travis Wall)

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Jessica Solo

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Piano Man- Zack & Aaron (Anthony Morigerato)

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