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Top 14

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irishhusky said: Any info on what happened to the highlight reel for the eliminated dancers?

i could be wrong, but i don’t know if they do it this early in the competition (maybe once they get to top 10.) there really isn’t enough footage yet in my opinion to make a montage. 

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Anonymous said: Have the interview from after the show been released yet? I can't wait to see them.

nothing yet, but if something gets uploaded i will post it later. i normally post one set a day so everyone is bombarded with 40 interviews.

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Anonymous said: Why are they eliminating 4 people next week!?!? ....

i guess because of the number of episodes that they have. i’m not a fan of it and would rather have had one less audition episode but…

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Anonymous said: Do you think Brooklyn and Serge like each other? ( Cuz I ship them soo hard!)

i don’t think i’ve ever seen them interact? haha

i also don’t think i can take another sytycd pairing on this show. they need to lay off the whole rudy/jacque thing… leave it for tour.

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5nataliee said: You honestly don't know how happy I am to find a person who is just as obsessed with so you think you can dance as I am😂💘 that show is my life

there’s thousands of people who follow this blog that feel the exact same way as you, you are not alone!!

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Anonymous said: who has your votes tonight??

normally its bridget and emilio, but tonight its solely bridget. 

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Love Runs Out- Jacque, Bridget, Jessica, Carly, Ricky, Marcquet, Teddy & Rudy (Travis Wall)

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So Broken- Valerie, Tanisha, Brooklyn, Emily, Emilio, Zack, Casey & Serge (Sonya Tayeh)

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Hustle Hard Remix- Brooklyn & Casey (Wildabeast)

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